What does freedom feel like… can we truly put meaning to freedom…

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// Freedom

[[ What does freedom feel like… can we truly put meaning to freedom… Is freedom what we all seek aside from basic human survival or is basic human necessities what we all truly need given any circumstantial position in life? ]]

Is freedom a state of mind or a concept that will never physically exist? Is freedom that thing we all seem to study but still have no understanding of, consciousness. Is freedom like love? Is freedom experiencing all positive emotions such as desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance and hope… Can we compare freedom with happiness? If we are happy we must be free? Freedom is a loose term and a broad question that is used euphorically in a utopian like fantasy. Those of us who experience freedom take it for granted as we’ve modernized the word freedom and have forgotten our past and how some still are affected by the lack of choice. So, what is freedom? Does freedom even exist?

I wouldn’t be able to understand what freedom means to an oppressed society, for how much they seek its freedom and for what reasons. I have very little experience with lack of freedom. As I consider my life thus far to be fortunate compared to others. I also think of freedom in a practical sense and I simplify it to help me comprehend freedom on a daily. But where I struggle the most is with freeing my mind. Which I think is the only ingredient to have a “somewhat” free life.

What I know and what I like to believe is that freedom is just like happiness and love. Freedom is acceptance, acknowledgement, kindness and ultimately it is what we make of it and how we choose to experience it. For me, freedom is becoming an expert at controlling the conscious mind by training the subconscious mind through habit to feel positive emotions more frequently than the negative ones and which these habits would overpower the negative thoughts through auto-suggestion.    

On a bias level where I don’t experience oppression and subjection. The following are practices to help me discover freedom in my world. These 3 points influence my sense of freedom.

1. Freeing my mind from the societal ways of living

2. Working on doing things I love that supports my ideal lifestyle

3. Redefining my own version of freedom

   What’s your version?

[[ Freedom is a state of mind translated into physical feeling just like every other emotion ]]


//… A thousand years from now