// Things are not as they seem

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// Things are not as they seem

[[  illusions - misconceptions- false beliefs and ideas- the reality of it all  ]]

When I think about illusions I think about a weak mind or an over controlled mind, which means an easy to manipulate person who’s hypersensitive or easily felt targeted. On the retrospect, this is also a case of the open-minded, creative, and power-driven people... It’s all of us even when we are at our best. With life, we have miscommunication, misunderstanding, misuse of language, the naivety of listening, a weak sense of self, egotism = Ideologies, social segregations, media influence… systematic failure, failure to act(residing in the comfort of safety.)

When we see the surface level life we automatically assume or invent in our minds what it must be like (positively or negatively)  to live such ways. We assume because we see people partaking in adventure, protest, "dream jobs" etc that is "the life". We fear that we can’t attain a higher level of “freedom” because we’ve conceptualized freedom to what we see rather than what we know is true and the reality. We easily throw the blind eye when we see terror, poverty, inequality, slavery, waste, climate change etc yet we become jealous and irritated about the things we don't have when others have nothing at all. The reality of life is the misfortunes of the less opportune, the humans whose cards were dealt without asking to join the game, people who inherent social concepts that brainwash the reality of life guiding them to think they are people of one nation rather than humans of the world. We are controlled by individualistic thinking/ideologies/social outlooks. The idea that we have to make our own decisions and have our own dreams which separate us from our peers by power-driven mentalities. We are conditioned to think that our failures are our own failures not the failures of our society. That it’s okay for our government to fail us. It’s okay that our governments use us when we are needed and lets us go when they don’t need us anymore, its okay because we have the fall back of our “families” or the fall back of second chances or other options. We can always go live at home with our parents and be protected by their shelter and food. What if you don’t have a fallback…Things are not as they seem. A weak mind, a paranoid mind caught up in its own insecurities hears things and believes these things are said about them or their philosophy of life. We must strengthen our perceptions, we must touch what is real before we believe the illusion of what is not real. What is real is what we try to hide from. What is real is not fear. Things are not as they seem. When you hide behind fear you are hiding from opportunity, from progress, from unity. Fear is an illusion. Nothing is as it seems when you live by the certainty of what you think is rather than what is. And what it is not what has been done before you but what can be done by you, by us. 

How do we enjoy life, how do we survive and make a difference at the same time? How can we manage the vulnerabilities of the reality of life and all the while help and survive? How do we make a change but live, love, laugh and have fun all the meanwhile…What I’ve learned applies to everything in life, it is not how but it is why. If you have an idea and your motive is strong it will fuel you and the how will just become naturally, effortlessly… working smart, smart work is hard work without the effort. Don’t fear debt, don’t fear setbacks, don’t fear rejection… outsmart yourself, outsmart the outside. Observe, listen, question and act. Less is more, so speak fewer words, say only the truth, the truth that you know or say nothing at all. Because words can be used against you. Assumptions are dangerous. Assumptions are ego. Find a balance between individualism and collectivism. A community will always be stronger than one entity. A community can protest. A community will love you and won’t rest until each individual within the group is secure.

See through power, look for opportunity and train yourself to know what’s real from what is not. 60-70 million children have no school which means a lot of them have zero opportunity, this goes for the whole worlds setbacks from religious laws, political inequalities etc.  Are we responsible for this? It is not us who have failed but it is our kind who has, so we must make this right with what is real and what is right now... Perhaps a revolution? perhaps anything     

// what is not vs. what is - power ]]