/Consumerism—Marketing/ the death of self

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Who I used to be / who I am today/ how they are the same

What does it mean to know yourself? …to take care of yourself? and to have consciousness of others?

I genuinely feel myself when I can help others get ahead and alleviate their own self-developed struggles. I believe I can tend to others executing their dreams more efficiently than I am with mine, but my dreams are to help/impact others through providing real-life tangible experiences… 

 I started Konstantine two years ago with an intention of allowing the brand to expand into something bigger. The passion that stimulated me to continue my work (although it was mentally and physically exhausting to execute,) was my motives which ignited so much infinite opportunity by opening my mind and having the confidence to reach out to others. I want to help women/people find their way through this world, and provide them with an opportunity that is available to them if they choose. I want to help people do what they love, find what feels good meanwhile having consciousness over doing the right thing. 

The story about my “awakening” 

I woke up one day and discovered through the beauty of momentary thoughts, that I had become a consumer(not a smart consumer.) I found that I had let myself get consumed by our society/systems(North American). Although deep down my true self would always find its way, I had confused me with: my clothes, my food, my friends, my experiences and conversations. I felt violated, as I had let that happen because I wasn’t self-educated. I was in an industry that made decisions for me, it is and was robotic. I decided that if I were to continue to apply myself in the world it would have to be with my own rules and regulations. Which were, think for yourself, educate your heart/mind and don’t be afraid to try some different.

I obsessively started to study everything from Company Corporate Cultures to Quantum Mechanics of Consciousness. I seized every moment I could to have a deep conversation with people about how they lead their life. I started to theorize about the infinite possibilities that this vast unknown universe holds. I questioned and still continue to question… everything. I turned on my observation eye and haven’t turned it off since. Something that stuck with me since then was note-taking/journalling… because of my information overload “phase,” I have become OCD about my thoughts, I document everything that I think.


“We are beings overseen by higher entities, we are being tested and there are other galaxies with existing life. We are in competition to see who can destroy their planet first… and we are being studied like lab test rats”

“Can basic conversation and persuasion with a banking rep allow one person to get out of their student debt?”

“Subliminal messages are quite interesting, Dena you should study them.” 

“I truly believe in the idea of the conspiracy theory of the Illuminate… but in a different form.” 

So, my thoughts became so impulsive that they sometimes disturbed my presence in the moment… I came up with this to help  “Any thought will be permanently embedded in your mind and when you need it the most it will come back to you.”It has helped significantly. One may think I am completely neurotic, which is fine, but through this, I have found my thoughts to be fearless and this is where I discover new ideas for innovation and invention. I can see things because I allow myself to, my thoughts have no perimeters. And when it’s time to enjoy life for what it is, I believe I still do know how to have fun!

Now that I’ve caught up, I continue to self-educate to keep my mind stimulated and aware so that I can apply myself into this world of business by doing the right thing and doing what feels good. Not being lazy with business practices and impacting the people in a productive way. I know what makes me feel uncomfortable, I know what makes me shut down, I know how to stand up for myself, I know who I am(most importantly) and understand that I can only control my reactions, not others. I know who I want to surround myself with, I know that everything is temporary and everything I own is only borrowed and not to get attached to anything. I can choose how I want to perceive people, I can decide whether or not I want to love or hate. I can be who I want to be, I can accept or I can let you go. I don’t have to be loved by everyone, in fact, I don’t need to be loved by a single person, but I choose to love the people I love and I choose to impact or influence the people I want to. 

I believe we can all find a middle ground. I believe through hardship and dedication we can all get along. We can all help each other only if its interim, which it is. We should help each other even if we see differently. We are not all meant to see through the same lenses but we can all help and appreciate one and other for who we are. At the end of the day, that’s all we have,  who we are. Sit, think for yourself, feel for yourself, understand what it means to eat, what it is you eat, what it is you listen to… It’s okay to ask these questions, questions influence discovery, for the good or the change. Remember that change is not a failure, because failure is not to lose. To lose is still a win because either way, you are still learning. And learning is earning. Learning more about yourself will benefit your heart, your mind and your path to financial freedom.

Care about what you consume. Because it is us consumers that give corporations permission to keep producing. So be a smart consumer and If you do not know how just ask. 

/Consumerism—Marketing/ the death of self