Cultural conditioning / outside wiring / are we, zombies?

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Cultural conditioning/outside wiring /are we, zombies?

My opinions towards this issue have no direct reflection on my life at this present moment however my understanding of it all came from my personal experience. I say this with extreme positivity as I have faith and hope that the exterior world is changing because if we are changing it will all change together. Let's just talk about cultural conditioning, brainwashing and transferred emotions in your home.

Cultural conditioning, abided living, subliminal brainwashing, media, control, peer-pressure, bullying… Somedays feel like we are living a completely unknown life, we are raised to be foreigners to our own minds. We wonder how on earth have we become these people. Living a numb everyday life, and worst of all the numbness is the power and control our society has over us. So are we numb really because of outside wiring? or are we numb because we choose to be and it’s easier to stay controlled than taking control?

Our household upbringing also plays a big factor in all of this- to add to what’s going on out there we also have internal affairs to tackle. Wherever-however we were raised and by whoever, if they were struggling physically and or mentally in the space shared with us their energy has transferred to us. Our subconscious is being conditioned emotionally, and guarantee you if you weren’t blessed with expressing yourself at an early age you’ve absolutely suppressed these feelings. If these people were, lack of a better word, “struggling” the majority of the years spent with us, we have most likely taken their stresses and anxiety with us along with much other mental baggage.

Unfortunately, our conditioned mind has strong control over our present conscious mind, unless you are aware of them. This is a very broad topic, and the topic can be discussed from many viewpoints, the reality of the matter is, ask yourself if these emotions you are feeling are real to who you are, and if they are not that's probably because you were or are unaware of everything that influences you emotionally. I don’t want to exhaust the problem, there are too many branches to this topic. I’d rather talk about some simple exercises and techniques we can use to breakthrough.

*Exercises and methods to help breakthrough and shine *

Try talking to yourself and others about what you are experiencing and what you think in general

Practice whatever form of meditation that helps you get clear guidance from your intuition, your intuition has your back

Have a clear vision of who you are to date and who you want to become

Remind yourself how far you have come and how much progress you have made

Breathing is one easy way to release toxins- which will help you see the bigger picture
    Understand and apply these understandings to your own life

    Do your own personal research and speak up (change your belief system)

    Say no--stop watching and listening to bullshit (naturally we know what is right, it's not a thought it's a feeling)

    When you see something or someone being mistreated- say something

    Practice empathy- give to others what you give to yourself- and if that’s a simple smile/a hello or a helping hand, GREAT
      We are only human on a planet in space… Simplifying everything in life is necessary for sharing space. Giving yourself and others space to learn, to teach, to grow… Ask yourself if this is really what you want and don’t be afraid to tell your mind NO, no-one else is going to. This has been said for centuries and I don’t know how to emphasize it because it’s simple… THIS IS YOUR LIFE- YOU CHOOSE- YOU DECIDE- YOU DO.

      Keep practicing and when feeling weighed down remember that’s not who you are, you are not defined by your circumstances - you are not defined by what you do, you're experiencing influence the person you are and because of that you are and who you are is the most important part of your life. OH and remember not to take yourself or life too seriously, I was doing that at one point in my life and the purity of life faded away in the background as a result. Find balance, have fun, be weird, express, respect... LOVE

      “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”
      Below is a very interesting take on how Quantum Physics affects the brain.

      "It's a theory and it doesn't need to be put in a credibility bag so everyone can follow it blindly and accept it as the new god, lots of the information in this video is very valuable to many people, you don't need to accept everything in a theory to see some value on it. You can easily choose to accept only what you need and make your own decisions with time without the need for a PhD or mass acceptance. Nothing will be accepted in science until it is proven but we people don't need that approval to keep going with our lives and connect our own dots."