A thousand years from now--

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A new language- a new place only a few call home...

somewhere real, where boats fly and planes walk, electricity speaks and humans do not. Where coffee hovers to you in the morning and you experience orgasms the moment you are horny. After many more years of human discoveries and the collapse of secret societies, we can all finally see our supernatural reality. AI's and ice cold baths, immortality is an act. DivaCups and kegle pushups, uteruses, cervixes, ovulation, babies are seeds we plant, new fermentations. Middle-aged children, roboticism, universal disruptions- Saturn's ring on Mr Dictator's finger. Solar powered hearts, telepathy - the tallest building has reached the sky. The locating of Adam and Eve's apple and the awarding of Earth's pause from human planet destruction. Indeed, crickets have become dinner tomorrows dinner. Stephen Hawkin's was right. After the assassination of Elon Musk, Mars was never succeeded. AAI, anthropogenic, volcanism, meteorites, climate change etc etc etc...  human extinction 

A thousand years from now, or maybe not.